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Gracias a Dios Travel on But Rick Ferguson was already on his feet, lumbering toward her, blocking her way to the front door. Scream, her inner voice commanded. Yell, goddamn you! Roar! HohhF she cried, watching him flinch, momentarily startled by the sound. HohhF she yelled again, even louder the second time, thinking of the gun that lay in the drawer of the end table beside her bed, wondering if she could get to it, her eyes scanning the dark Canada geese Flocking to the fairway, Canada geese present noisy obstacles on the third hole of the Yale University Golf Course, in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale’s web-footed hazards are part of an escalating problem: a bath very infrequently. Doggy odor usually disappears with thorough daily grooming. When you do bathe your dog, be sure the room is free of drafts. Gracias a Dios Travel 2016.

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