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Govi Altay Travel on There is empirical evidence that CONTAGION, regional spread of currency crises, may occur through trade linkage among countries. BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Chang and A. Velasco, The Asian Financial Crisis in Perspective, Private Capital Flows in the Age of Globalization: The aftermath of the Asian Crisis (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2000); G. Kaminsky and C. Reinhart, The Twin Crises: The Causes of Banking and Balance-of-Payments Problems, American Economic Review (v. Govi Altay Travel 2016.

Asian Americans living on the West Coast, where there are higher concentrations of Asian Americans, reported higher self-esteem than did Asian Americans in other parts of the country. The subjects cohort year of birth and the subjects age at the time the data were collected also related to scores on self-esteem. In, about twenty years after the civil rights movement began in the United States, African American scores on global self-esteem inventories began to rise. Twenge and Crocker speculate that the emphasis on the experiences and contributions of African Americans to this country, and the civil rights movement’s emphasis on group pride and self-respect, affected children who absorbed these messages in the s and s. As they got older, they retained the high self-esteem that the data collected after reflected.

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