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Gorontalo Travel on Whatever meaning, literaI, allegorical, or metaphorical is given to Camacha’s prophecy, it 302 Pastmadern Cammunities in Pym’han and Cervantes has not come true yet. That leaves in doubt even whether the dogs are actually enchanted men or not. So much for the great tradition of allegorical interpretation, as in medieval or Renaissance Biblical commentary, or in Dante’s Letter to Can Grande, or in Dante’s practice in La Divina Commedia! For the dogs, and perhaps for Cervantes too, the literaI is the allegoricaI. The aIlegorical is the literaI. The distinction breaks down. Whichever way you take the prophecy (and, by implication, the text of The Dogs’ Colloquy), you get the same result: a disqualification of any power literature might be thought to have to predict a better time coming or to bring that better time about. The sequence l have just been following is a marvelous example of Cervantes’s destructive irony against the orthodox doctrines about witches and allegories and magic metamorphoses he may appear to be following. Gorontalo Travel 2016.

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