The ancient capital of the Phrygians, Gordion, is located about a hundred kilometers south of Ankara on the highway running between Ankara and Eskisehir. The heavily excavated site is found some thirty kilometers northwest of the town of Polatli. It was built near the convergence of the Sakarya and the Porsuk Rivers sometime during the 9th and 8th centuries B.C. The Phrygians, known in antiquity as the Sea Peoples, assumed the role that the Hittites had enjoyed prior to this period.

GORDION Photo Gallery

GORDION Photo Gallery

There was a chief mate, a second mate and a third mate. The third mate was leaving; he handed over to me, which made me the new third mate in everyone’s eyes. I suppose it wasn’t that important but I felt disheartened at my diminished status. I didn’t know what to expect of the people when joining an old style Far East taipan company. I suppose I thought those on board would probably be a bit more adrift than the typical officer complement crowd.

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