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Good winter vacations on The stuntman, however, refused to change his basic story that Blake had approached him to kill Bakley. The defense called witnesses to refute Hambleton’s claim he quit using methamphetamine in 1999, two years before his meeting with the actor. As late as 2002 Hambleton was reportedly cooking meth in his home and once suffered from a drug-induced delusion in which people dressed up as sagebrush were sneaking up around his house. In the final analysis, the prosecution could not overcome the lack of physical evidence tying Blake to the murder, their dubious star witnesses, and perhaps, most importantly, a tremendously unlikable victim. On March 16, 2005, the jury returned to the courtroom after nine days of deliberation and announced Robert Blake was not guilty of Bonny Lee Bakley’s murder or of one of the two counts of soliciting her murder. The second solicitation charge was dismissed by the judge when it was learned the jury had voted 11?1 in favor of acquittal. A triumphant Blake borrowed a pocket knife and cut off the electronic monitoring bracelet from around his ankle. Good winter vacations 2016.

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