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Go hawaii on on the morning of December 10 and drove to Scovotti’s apartment unaware the man had died several months earlier in July 2005. Two days prior to their early morning raid the apartment had been cleaned out and no longer contained Valium. Arriving at the basement apartment and unable to arouse Scovotti, a drunken Brancato kicked in a window and entered the vacant apartment while Armento, too large to squeeze through the window, waited outside. Finding nothing after a hasty search, Brancato and Armento left the scene and drove to the nearby home of Joseph Borelli, the actor’s main drug dealer. Borelli, despite the gun Armento brandished in his face, refused to supply the dope sick men and told them to get lost. The return of the jonesing pair to Arnow Place to renew their interrupted search of Scovotti’s apartment set into motion a deadly sequence of events. The earlier sound of breaking glass had awakened the next door neighbor at 3117 Arnow Place, Officer Daniel Enchautegui, who had just turned in after work ing a 4:00 P. Go hawaii 2016.

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