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Gia Lai Travel on Mbembe pointed to the resurfacing of French colonial history in migration policies and in the management of populations with migratory background. It is not by accident that one of the most important movements that arose out of the 2005 riots adopted the designation Les Indigenes de la Republique (Natives of the Republic), referring to the Code de Tlndig&nat (Natives Code), the French law regarding the subjection and government of colonial populations (Bou-teldja and Khiari 2012; Le Cour Grandmaison 2010; Rigouste 2009). Considering the banlieues from this historical angle, French citizenship appears internally fractured by the reemergence of the colonial past (Blanchard et al. 2005) and the internal borders surrounding these blighted urban peripheries acquire a further temporal dimension. The figure of the colonial subject makes an untimely reappearance within the secularized space of French republicanism. Criminal law, police, and administrative measures shape the daily governance of populations living in these border zones. Although the peculiarity of the French banlieues must always be kept in mind, a resurrection of the colonial distinction between citizen and subject under fully new postcolonial conditions can be traced in recent developments of citizenship and migratory regimes for the European Union as a whole (Mezzadra 2006). Gia Lai Travel 2016.

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