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Ghazni Travel on We do not want to fully disavow this view. Before probing the relations between different kinds of borders, we find it necessary to explain how and why geographical borders are usually the first ones to spring to mind. We confront this task in this chapter, along the way grappling with issues such as the role of cartography, the rise of area studies, and the intertwining of geographical and cognitive borders. Consider the following episode from The Shadow Lines. A family argument occurs when the narrator’s grandmother, who grew up in Dhaka, decides she will travel there to visit family after many years in Calcutta. The year is 1964, and the narrator recalls the old woman’s anxiety about the trip: For instance, one evening when we were sitting out in the garden she wanted to know whether she would be able to see the border between India and East Pakistan from the plane. When my father laughed and said, why, did she really think the border was a long black line with green on one side and scarlet on the other, like it was in a school atlas, she was not so much offended as puzzled (Ghosh 1998,185). Ghazni Travel 2016.

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