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Gharb al Istiwaiyah Travel on Nilsson ex- presses the opinion that the procession from Delphi to Tempe had originally nothing to do with the myth of the slaying of the Python and Apollo’s need for purification. He approves the conclusion of K. O. Muller that it was from Tempe that the cult of Apollo originally reached Delphi, and that the sacred embassy to Tempe represents a recognition of the priority of the cult there. Yet he is the strongest modern upholder of the theory that Apollo came to the Greeks from Asia Minor. He clearly sees in the Stepterion no evidence to shake that theory, and neither need we. At the same time it would be foolish to deny the possibility that a god of northern Europe may have played some part in the formation of the Apollo of classical Greece. Gharb al Istiwaiyah Travel 2016.

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