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Ghana Country on l Why not? What would it me an to go home again, that is, to return to your native soil after a period away? My discussion of The Return of the Native will investigate these and several related questions. What is the relation of individual to community in this novel? Do the events of the novel take place within what can be legitimately called a community, that is, a home for those who dwell within it? Just what is a community? Why is it that you can’t go home again? What conception of the you, that is, of the separable individual, would be necessary in order to make plausible the daim that once uprooted from your native soil you cannot be planted there aga in? Hardy says in the Paems 1912- 13 that his first wife was in a way made homeless by being moved to Dorset from her native Cornwall and th en ultimately being buried far from the sea she so 10ved: She will never be stirred / In her loamy ceIl / By the waves long heard / And loved so we11.2 Is living rooted and eventually buried in sorne native soil the normal and proper condition for humankind? Must uprooting be called alienation or sorne other bad thing? A rapidly increasing percent age ofhuman beings worldwide are uprooted in this sense. l now dwell and have dweIled for many years far from my native Virginia. However long l shaH have lived in Deer Isle, Maine, l shall never be anything but what Deer Isle natives calI from away. Novelists, or rather the narrators invented by novelists, by way of an uncanny species of telepathy, penetrate and then give away to every reader the secrets of their characters. They reveal precious things that the characters keep in their hearts and about which they keep silent to everyone around them, family, friends, the whole community. Ghana Country 2016.

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