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Hey guys hello hey Hey everybody how you guys doing welcome to Rottnest Island we’ve just come down to our favorite Beach to watch the Sun Rise we have a little bit of time to kill. Because we’re going to catch the ferry at like 8:30 we’re just enjoying the morning as you guys can see we pretty much stuck to like this area of rottnest island. But there’s so much more to see. But we’ve hardly show me Jake. But girl really show me Jake the post camera that’s what he’s doing we’ve also got all our wedding invitations here, and we’re gonna go post them off before we go out tonight. Because um we fly to Africa tonight. So we have a lot of things to do, and this is one of them how cute are these little stickers by the way.

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So mr. and mrs. on them, and this is how we’re sticking the envelope together very cute yeah we’re gonna go post them off now okay guys it has been several hours later we did a whole bunch of planning, and shopping, and yes, I’m back at Hillary’s it’s time to sort of this haircut before Africa like you’re fading upwards this is like a little bit too long I was just looking crap. Because when it yes I don’t know II wanted it like trim it a little bit or something I still like to like shut up to lose momentum come home I was promised you a Paki it’s a mess on the floor you reading you sounds like this it’s not good before a flight with all the cops in the disease no like this is all medication for Justin guy just got myself a can of packin juice ok might have got it a bit shorter. But you know what, I’m just gonna rock it see how it goes my hair grows back. So quickly I think the last time I went to the barber was four weeks ago like just before Northern Territory. So it’s gonna be good let me know below what you think of my haircut yeah this morning has been thanks Bobby Tony was so busy we had to like going chop up all our medical supplies. Because of course last time we were in Cambodia just got super sick we had nothing, and to like barter down to get some electrolytes for her, and like she have a stomach bugs have gone, and topped up everything I would recommend you guys have like at least supplies of panadol electrolyte definitely insect repellent we got like trouble strength. Because Fu is crazy with just flies, and everything it is like 4 o’clock now, and we leave in six hours it’s one stole our redbull. So I’d to go get I want from the ship you know let’s just leave you out there is that for us it is ok Bo dollars hey Jess we got some more packing juice she did steal it. So she got a similar packing juice did she buy yeah you should go bad it’s a Perry thing your stupid sandwiches she puts banana in them that’s bro Oh what’s this you’re invited to the wedding if you didn’t already know everything like a photo. Because I just got my nails done Oh stickers you’re a first person to open it it’s gonna be my memory. But that’s why I gave it to you certain you’d want one guys just is not being helpful at all she’s left the packing to me she’s literally just sprawled our clothes out on the bed, and sorted out.

So her hay fever isn’t bad come on Stevie need to learn how you need to learn to park I’ve put everything out on the bed, and all these to do is put it in the cases, and he can’t he’s tried before, and it just me my job is the technology the thing is you need a practice of Tetris first Tetris helps with your packing anyway I am currently like obsessed with this app called hub spot it’s kind of like a hobby app, and I keep talking to all these people that are really into trouble that live in Perth, I’m talking to them now that rottnest try like, I’m gonna trip with these people I give it’s awesome I found a girl also who’s just been to Africa, and I was asking you things that we should do in Joburg I guess. So awesome like I don’t know I keep finding apps you know like tinder, and stuff. But not ones like we can make friends and, I’m here friends with these people see you Tuesday different hobbies. So I’ve done like beat of course how to do coffee DIY fashion hiking I found some people that also really liked hiking which would be cool to do with them of course travel, I’ll leave the link below if you want to add me on HubSpot I pretty sure it’s really in Australia at the moment there. But, I’m yeah add me, and we can talk travel ready ready ready present for you later my thanks lift see you see you next month yeah fight back at our old stomping ground oh my goodness guys it is like 11 o’clock struggling to stay awake here. But we’re making it onto the flight it is like a 10-hour flight to Joburg, and it’s over the night. So fingers crossed we’re here to sleep, and we realized when we checked in that we have a totally over packed this little new side bag we have ever sitting at 11 kilos, and I like plant cement too much.

But luckily not really checked it when we came in which is good now big luggage is like 27 there should be 22. So we’re gonna we’re gonna see how this goes you excited puppy, and we often enough like this big Edelson starburns renewal we be. So it’s just like no feeling play relax, I’m gonna get us some very distressing news sir you yay South Africa yeah airport hotels the best invention ever guys it feels. So good to be back home in my home country in my home city of Johannesburg if you are new around yeah. Because we realized the last time we were in South Africa in Johannesburg there was like half of you guys I feel like doubled our numbers which is so incredible thank you so much for your support this is pretty much our hotel quick really quick room tour we stay here the last time we were in Johannesburg, and had literally like I said airport hotels are the best. Because look it is 5:30 getting a beautiful sunrise, and we were able to check in.

So that was so good to be another walk straight from the airport that was also a very good flight type having an airline I will commend you pretty much just like the entire tribe just had like bed to herself, I’m just gonna put it out there just I was being super nice let me have the long bed while I had to sit up straight yeah. So pretty much tomorrow we are getting picked up will not even tomorrow in like five hours time we’re getting picked up by an old school friend an old neighborhood friend used to live across the road from me in South Africa when I lived there, and he’s gonna be kind enough to come pick us up go show me old home old school like old shopping centers I do apologize for tomorrow’s post if it’s just gonna be me going oh my god this is gonna be a trip down memory lane for me. But guys of course we cannot miss comment of the day even though, I’m him hmm. So tired. But it was a really good comments on our 360 post just literally was checking the comments as I walked in. Because it went alive as we were in the airplane the backs it’s such a funny comment she’s like.

So good the kids that dabbed, and I didn’t even realize that someone adapt in the post if you haven’t seen the 360 post at least there’s a little Easter Egg for you two guys go, and find where the kid dad, and she said this is so cool I feel like I need to watch it a bunch of times to see everything, and that’s why I love 360. Because it just gives you a whole new perspective, and we’re definitely going to be giving 360 a spin here in South Africa. So you enjoyed the Perth post you’re gonna love the Africa content. But thanks so much for reading guys leave a comment below, and what you’re most excited to see in Africa animals if it’s Cape Town Johannesburg all the different cities were seen, and let us know below. But thank you so much for reading, and we’ll see you all really in a few hours done not guys.

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