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Easiest and by far cheapest transportation are the trams around the city. To board, go the rear, and push the button, and the door opens. You buy a ticket good for one hour here…good for as many trams as you’d like in that hour. To get off, push the red STOP button. Tram tickets are much cheaper if you buy in advance at the station or the post office, and they never expire.

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To pass yourself off as a local in Amsterdam, get a trench coat, looked stoned and scowl a lot. Try to appear like you’ve been sleeping under bridges, or attending Nirvana concerts. If people talk to you, invent a brand new slurring language and mumble it quietly. Practice bizarre cadences and voice inflections.

Recommended Restaurants :

Since this info can change weekly, we can’t recommend enough the “Zagat Survey.” Pick up their travel book, or signup online. Worldwide reviews, menus, and pricing.

Crime :

Ignore any guy hanging out aimlessly. They’re either drug dealers or thieves. They tend to pretend to be the local expert guy who knows everything, everyone, and who specializes in changing currency. Kind of like a New York politician, only a little more trustworthy. Pickpockets are out in full force, so be prepared. Walk tall and quickly, like you’re a man on a mission 1500 miles from home, in town to rent pussy from whores in windows. In other words, look stressed out and married.

For police, or other emergencies, dial 112 anywhere in the country.

Hotels :

There are some 350 Hotels in downtown Amsterdam. Make your weekend reservations well in advance. Despite the numerous hotels, availability can be slim and prices rise.

Here’s a short list of cheaper local joints.

France Hotel

Oudezijdskolk 11, tel: 020-422-3925

Just one minute from the RLD. 3 star canal hotel, TV, shower, and Internet in lobby, ( )

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