Get a joyous taste of Malayali culture

The cultural city of Kochi or Cochin, is home to some of the spectacular fairs and festivals. With well-knitted communities, you could find people celebrating every festival with great pomp. From the festivals reflecting the ancient traditions to the glimpse of prestigious colonial era, Kochi is a wonderful joy ride. Let’s take a look at some of the popular festival the city celebrates.

To create and enjoy a memorable time amongst various festivals of Kochi, it is important to understand what and where to attend. Likewise you can also opt for Cochin tour packages, which takes you through a wonderful trip around these festivals. Let’s check out some the popular festivals you can attend in the city of Kochi.

Kochi Carnival One of the most joyous and pompous festivals in the city of Kochi, it lasts for more than ten days. Considered a gift from the Portuguese, the tradition dates back to the times when the latter first came to the city. The carnival is usually organized in the picturesque backdrop of the Kochi Fort, which is brightly illuminated with bright, colorful lights. Amongst crazy fanfare, you can find revelers rejoicing and dressed in fancy costumes. Become a part and have a clamorous fun.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race This traditional festival is quite popular among the people and exclusive to the city. The boat race is organized in the backwaters in December when the weather gets pleasant, thus encouraging tourists to drop in. Though similarities can be drawn from the boat races happening during Pongal, the boats used in this are more streamlined. Known as Vallamkali, the boat can sit more than 150 participants. If you think that you can match the brawns of the participants, then you should definitely go.

Hanukkah Kochi is also famous for its Jewish connection. The Jews who came during the 1st and 2nd century, had a significant implication in the community. Contributing through education and healthcare the Jewish spread considerably, but had to draw out due to more powerful foreign kingdoms. Today, you can see their remnants in the form of small communities celebrating known festivals like Passover Festival.

Onam One of the most famous festivals in the southern parts of the country, the festival of Kochi lasts from ten days to a month. The festival in marked with beautiful decoration of household, Kathakali dance performances, beach carnivals and fireworks. Put on your traditional clothes and become a part of this auspicious festival. You can also find people gifting each other with valuables like jewelleries, cars and even houses.

Apart from these famous festivals, there are other lesser known ones like Thalapoli which is celebrated in the month of February. Another is Malayatoor Perunal which is celebrated in April with full grandeur. Even the state government organizes a cultural festival called Utsavam, to boost the state tourism. You can find an amalgamation of traditional art forms are classical dance, music, and other cultural programmes being organised to attract visitors from all corners of the world.

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