Gelati Italy Pavilion

This cart at the front of the pavilion is the only quick-service location in Italy. A variety of gelato creations are offered, as well as beverages and other treats. Two dips of Gelato $5.95, in a cone $6.25, Gelato Sandwich $6.75, Coppa Del Nonno $9.75, Coppa Amicizia $9.75, Coppa Delizia $9.75, Espresso Gelato Affogato $9.75, Tiramisu $4.75, Cannoli $4.75. Frozen beverages $4.95- $10.00. Coffees, wines, and Italian waters and sodas are also available. There is also a brightly painted blue cart near the fountain that serves Italian beverages and Pizzelle.

Gelati Italy Pavilion Photo Gallery

Kringla Bakeri og Cafe / クãªã³ã‚°ã©ã»ãã¼ã‚«ãªã¼ オグ

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