The Cow 89 Westbourne Park Road, W2 You’ve seen the film, now hang out with the hip young things of Notting Hiii in this characterful pub, which serves great food. pi6oGastropubs by Oakman Inns & Restaurants by People In Space, UK … travelquaz

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Phase 1exams were important, because if someone was found too intellectually wanting it was early enough in the process to cull them and send them on their way. Training a cadet is expensive (even though I felt the shipping company more than recouped its pound of flesh) and after two and a half years of a three-and-a-half-year training period, it was unlikely that someone would be sent down for a poor Phase 3 result. The real test came, of course, at the end of Phase 4 and the subsequent return to college, after which we actually sat the Board of Trade exams: that was the real thing. Armed with this knowledge that Phase 3 exams were important – but not that important – we each took a view as to how well we needed to cope to avoid utter disgrace with whichever shipping company we were contracted to. There was a danger that Phase 4 at sea could be made a particularly unpleasant experience if the shipping company detected that someone was just along for the ride.

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