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The absence of an organic conception of all these individual parts indicates the nonexistence of a true and proper catechumenal institution. Gradually, however, with the peace of Constantine the flood of new initiates demanded a stable organization, whose structure was defined in the course of the 4th c., Garland Map the great age of catechesis A. Hamman, s.v. Catecumeno catecumenato, Diz. patr. a.C., 627: the title of the entry is significant, in support of our opening position on discipleship drawn from M. Dujarier. A neutral term would be preferable, such as time tempus chr³nos audiendi verbum: Tr. apost. 17 ed. Botte. Regarding the length of the catechumenal period, a widespread negative judgment on its brevity should probably be reevaluated, given that candidates for baptism, both children and adults, often from Christian families, lived in an environment that was already less marked by paganism.

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