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Ganzourgou Travel on She says she cannot see her brothers, Castor and Pollux. They too were born, as she and Clytemnestra were, from Leda’s eggs. She wonders ifher brothers are too cowardly to show themselves, not knowing that, in the translation Ruskin gives, them, already, the life-giving earth possessed, there in Lacedoemon, in the dear fatherland.38 Arnold cites the same passage, with a difterent translation, as one of his characteristically ironic and pathetic touchstones in TIIe Study of Poetry. The earth is still called life-giving, even though it has swallowed up the dead bodies of Castor and Pollux, in an act that is present in the word sarcophagus, which means body-eating, in Greek. The poet, says Ruskin, has to speak of the earth in sadness, but he willnot let that sadness affect or change his thoughts of it. No; though Castor and Pollux be dead, yet the earth is our mother still, fruitful, life-giving (ibid. Ganzourgou Travel 2016.

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