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Gansu Travel on Believe in it or not, as you wish. What’s Exemplary About The Dogs’ Colloquy? The Dogs’ Colloquy is an exemplary tale in that it exemplifies an apparent powerlessness of literary fictions. Cervantes’s pervasive irony would seem to suspend the possibility of giving the story a verifiable univocal meaning. That might lead a reader, mistakenly, to think this means the story can have no performative efTect. It cannot be a way of doing things with words. Irony is, after aIl, as Friedrich Schlegel said, permanent parabasis, a perpetuaI suspension of univocal meaning aIl along the line. Or, it might be said, irony is the suspension of the willing suspension of disbelief that is necessary to breathe life into the words on the page. Gansu Travel 2016.

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