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Gambia Country on Conrad’s image is of a dawning. He did not think it out rationally. It just dawned on him, out of nowhere, aIl of a sudden. That what dawned was a separate cosmos or imaginary world Conrad’s insistence on Sulaco’s isolation and totalizing self-enclosure confirms. Nevertheless, what is outside Sulaco intervenes decisively, as 1 shall show. That destructive intervention is a central theme of Nostromo. The other oddness is that Conrad, however ironicaIly, speaks of Sulaco not as something he invented but as something he discovered. Gambia Country 2016.

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Rarer still was a big ship down from the East under a Singapore or Taiwanese flag. Japanese and Korean fishing boats were not uncommon with their hot-bunk crews netting whatever came their way. Those apart, other shipping was mostly small inter-island ferries and a few coasters, along with the fishing canoes we would encounter near most islands. Sea life was common: whales, dolphins, flying fish, big turtles, albatrosses and an array of sea birds. When the sea was flat calm and clear, we would sometimes catch sight of grey reef sharks circling around driftwood when we passed close.

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