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Gambela Travel on As Janice Fine (2007) shows, such ingrained attitudes are shifting. This is the result of innovative organizing strategies on the part of labor movements that manage to address issues of dispossession and exploitation faced by migrants and mobilize workers in ways unachievable by traditional trade unions (Alzaga 2011). It is also the effect of a more general disarticulation of the figure of the citizen-worker. Indeed, this very figure tends to stitch the subject into the national frame. This is the case even though the figures of the citizen and the worker can have separate elaborations that cross many scales. Across the twentieth century, however, the figure of the citizen-worker, alongside the related figure of the citizen-soldier (Cowen 2008), is what threatened to monopolize the field of subjectivity in all three of the state forms that assumed historical prominence after the defeat of fascism in World War II: the democratic welfare state, the socialist state, and the . developmental state. Gambela Travel 2016.

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