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Gadabay Travel on This process can create material and immaterial lines of demarcation that did not exist before. It can also rework existing boundaries, such as those circumscribing public spaces in cities, transforming them into new borders of private property. It is often the case that these processes of urban bordering are aimed at keeping undesirable subjects out of specific areas, constructed as valuable through the combined investments and efforts of financial capital and real estate. Among these subjects, migrants figure prominently. In their experiences, the action of these processes of bordering replicates and articulates itself with the action of other borders. The proliferation and spread of enclosures in the contemporary world produces a huge amount of violence, sufferance, and pain, intensifying both dispossession and exploitation. At the same time, at least conceptually, these enclosures provide an important perspective on the fragile legitimacy of private property as societal rule. Gadabay Travel 2016.

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