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Fukuoka Travel on .. Maureen warned. Why on earth would I be deliberately rude? Jess demanded. You tell me. I don’t profess to have any understanding into what you’re all about. Is that so? Jess . Fukuoka Travel 2016.

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I watched her berth at Pier 15, sliding in through the polluted dock water in the early morning sun, one tug in attendance, as I sat on my Globetrotter suitcase feeling grim, waiting for Free Pratique to be granted so I would be allowed to go aboard. I sat and watched and waited for the Q flag to be pulled down. Manila docks were filthy, blackened, greasy, the air was gritty and unhealthy to breathe. The ancient cargo sheds looked as if they were falling down. There was a cocktail stink of oldness, of mould, of rot, of animal products, of engine exhaust and of things baked bad in the hot sun.

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