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Fukuoka Subway Map on In April 1959, Cabot was a 32-year-old divorcee when she met Jordan’s King Hussein at a Beverly Hills dinner party thrown by oil millionaire Edwin W. Pauley. The actress called Hussein, 24, the most charming man I’ve ever met and began a private (though highly publicized) multi-year relationship with the divorced Jordanian king that ultimately ended because Cabot was Jewish. In 1964, the unmarried Cabot gave birth to Timothy Scott Roman giving rise to speculation the child was not the offspring of former husband Michael Roman, but rather the son of King Hussein. If so, the child would be a half-Jewish, half-Arab direct descendant through the Hashemite Dynasty of the prophet Muhammed. Court papers intro – duced after Cabot’s death showed that she received a monthly stipend of $1,500 from the Keeper of the King’s Purse, Amman, Jordan, that could be interpreted as child support for Hussein’s bastard son. Also presented were copies of letters from Cabot to the king in which she discussed the health of her son. Fukuoka Subway Map 2016.

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