French Southern Terr. Map

French Southern Terr. Map on Helpful also is to strip all clutter from the chart and to set it up with only the 2 5ema showing, and of course the thinly plotted horizon- 412 Chapter I I Adapting to Low Volatility tal lines of relevance. On the Nasdaq chart above, I put in the 5 and l O-levels. As can be derived from just a quick glance, the price action mechanics are virtually identical to those of the Forex markets-and so is the way the poorer breaks tend to get punished. The break at F was a classic false break trap; the one at T, despite the better buildup, showed all the makings of a tease break venture. Note that this picture displays just an hour of price action, so there is not much info here on the pressures of the overall session. Nonetheless, bulls who took a shot at the range break at F were simply asking for a good whack. Bears who shorted at T are best advised to work on their patience. French Southern Terr. Map 2016.

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