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Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions on Gaye returned to his room to discuss the incident with his mother. A few moments later, Father returned to Gaye’s room, walked up to his son seated on the bed, leveled the .38-caliber pistol his son had purchased for him, and fired a bullet from a range of 4 to 6 into the singer’s heart. As Marvin slumped to the floor, his mother looking on in horror, Father approached the dying man and pumped a bullet into his son’s left shoulder. Alberta begged the man not to kill her as well, but Father Gay was done. He calmly walked down the stairs, sat on the front porch, tossed the Smith & Wesson in the yard, and waited for the police to arrive. Speculation on whether the drug addicted and financially ruined entertainer orchestrated his own death by knowingly striking a man who repeatedly threatened to kill him should he ever do so was ultimately beside the point. Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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