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Fortaleza Map Tourist Attractions on Citing insufficient evidence, the Denver district attorney declined to prosecute four members of The Order named in the racketeering trial as having been involved in the murder of Alan Berg. Instead, the Justice Department charged the group under a little used 1968 civil rights law. The defendants (Bruce Carroll Pierce, 33; David E. Lane, 39; Richard Scutari, 40; Jean Margaret Craig, 54) were accused in 1987 of violating the civil rights of Berg, a Jew, when they murdered him on June 18, 1984. The government asserted the group targeted Berg because he was seen as an outspoken threat to the Aryan race. Each racist had a clearly defined role in the assassination. Craig scouted the talk show host’s movements for weeks prior to the killing, Scutari was the look – out, Lane the wheelman, and Pierce pulled the trigger. Fortaleza Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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