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RIGHT: 55 feet and 35 tons Called right whales because they were the “right” ones for whalers to catch they are slow swimmers and float when they are killed. They are endangered, with only about 500 or so left.

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HUMPBACK: 50 feet and 40 tons Humpbacks are performers, they travel up to 16,000 miles and love to “breach1′ or leap out of the water, flashing their fluked tails on descent. They have distinctive tail markings that allow scientists to identify and track individual whales.

MINKE: 30 feet and 7 tons Minkes are the smallest baleen whale, sometimes traveling alone, but more often in small pods.

FINBACK: 70 feet and 40 tons The finback is the second-largest baleen whale after the blue whale. They are also on the endangered species list and are not spotted as frequently off Maine as the humpback. out on the water. Whale watches, like any ocean-based activity, can be canceled due to particular!) bad weather, so prepare for that as well. Check with the tour operator for Lips on what to bring and what to expect.

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