An architectural delight inside and out, it features restored Classical murals on the walls and ceilings. The enormous stately bedrooms lead off the central hall. San Miniato Hotel Miravalle Road map C2. Piazza del Castello 3, 56027, H (0571)41 80 75. FAX 41 96 81 Rooms: 20. HEI S3110 0 ID 0 ®®® The Miravalle is perched on a 10th-century castle wall adjoining what remains of the castle tower. The interior is somewhat worn, but rooms have splendid views, especially from the restaurant. VOLTERRA Albergo Villa Nencini Road map C3. Borgo Santo Stefano 55, 56048.


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. Florence while he was in exile on his country estate and writing TheIn the week, we would wear our blues uniform, unless we were sailing or doing seamanship. Our working gear was blue shirts and trousers, with woollen jerseys and oilskins and we all carried clasp-knives with folding marlin spikes – some of us also had slim-bladed Green River knives in soft leather sheaves. As regards our civvies, we were not creatures of fashion. We all had multifarious shirts and trousers and jackets that were adaptable for going down the pub, getting into a club, or kicking a ball around the Hoe. Most of us had a serviceable suit for looking smart on a Saturday night.

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