A Pieve di Santi Ippolito e Donato Piazza Tarlati. Open daily. 0 Road map E2. Q from Bibbiena. H (0575) 5341. Open daily. 0 partial. The rocky outcrop on which La Verna monastery stands, called La Senna, was split, according to legend, by an earthquake when Christ died on the Cross. The site was given to St Francis by the local ruler, Count Orlando Cattani, in 1213, and it was here, in 1224, that the saint was miraculously marked with the stigmata the wounds of Christ.

Today, the monastery is both a popular tourist sight and a charismatic religious centre. Its modern buildings are not particularly attractive, but they contain numerous sculptures by the della Robbia workshops. There are several waymarked paths through the surrounding woodland, leading to some excellent viewpoints. The Casentino O Road map E2. ms from Bibbiena. H Bibbiena. The vast Casentino region, an area of tiny villages dotted among hills covered with ancient woodland, lies to the north of Arezzo. The river Arno has its source here, on the slopes of Monte Falterona. Countless streams run down the region’s valleys to join it, creating stunning waterfalls.


Î Îλωρεντία είναι μια Ïόλη-Ï…Ïαίθριο

Travel Plan: Î Îλωρεντία είναι μια Ïόλη

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