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Its main street is lined with cafes, restaurants and shops. The 13th-century Romanesque Rocca Aldobrandesca, named after the Teutonic j family that ruled in the area I until 1608, is now in ruins. The medieval church of Santa Maria has frescoes of the late 15th-century Siena I School, which were recently ) discovered under the white-, washed walls. The main altar is sheltered by a 9th-century baldacchino that was originally in the Romanesque Duomo.

I This 12th-century building incorporates sculpture from l earlier churches built on the same site.

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The Etruscans dug tombs. Nearby in the soft limestone I cliffs bordering the river I Lente.

Some are badly eroded but the most complete set of Necropoli Etrusca can be found in a valley just to the I west of Sovana. ? Rocca Aldobrandesca Via del Pretorio.

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