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Collegiata Via Dante Alighieri. Q (0577) 89 75 06. Open daily. Palazzo Chigi Piazza Chigi. Closed for restoration.

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Horti Leonini Piazza Liberta. Q (0577) 89 75 06. Open daily. 0 partial.

Tourist trap: operators in Florence are expected to be licensed and ...

Luxury Italy Family Vacation Review: Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany ...

... Tour, Venice, Tuscany wine tours, Florence, Assisi, Sorrento, SicilyAfter an hour the water in which we were sitting had a foam top of vomit, looking like the head on a pint of Guinness. The smell was appalling. The sound was of intermittent retching and groaning. There were only five of us who had not been sick and I could feel the bloodshot eyes of the affected looking at me with hatred, willing me to start heaving, to join in the misery. It certainly was miserable, and became more so as the second hour stretched into the third.

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