Map4 D2 (6 E5). Q (055) 234 28 88. «x 234 14 37 Rooms: 35 U EI9E ©0® The 16th-century Hotel Silla is approached through an elegant courtyard with a grand staircase to the first floor. The reception areas are decorated in pretty shades of pink and blue. Splendor Via San Gallo 30, 50129. Map 2 D4. H (055) 48 34 27 FAX 46 12 76. Rooms 31. U 25 [J [TV] g] 0S®(D® The dark-red decor and frescoed, stuccoed ceilings give the impression that this building is a grand mansion.

Florence in December | Tuscany Holiday rent BLOG

Florence Bike Festival… free to pedal | Tuscany Holiday rent BLOGWe had all completed a fairly gruelling set of correspondence courses at sea anyway, so our minds were still alight. The structure of work continued as unrelenting cramming with little opportunity for independent thought: we weren’t there to reflect or discourse or consider or discover, we weren’t there to interpret or re-interpret or argue. We were there to learn what the higher powers had decided was necessary to learn; we had to assimilate information and prove that we had effectively memorised it all by being able to regurgitate everything in its pure form. That was the nature if what we did, for 50 hours a week. No one was expected to drop out from Phase 3: that happened on Phase 1 and quite often after the first trip to sea on Phase 2.

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