Family Hotel Via Faenza 77, 50123 Florence. Map 1 C4(5 C1). Qj (055)29 28 64. Florence Promhotels Viale Alessandro Volta 72 50131 Florence. Map 2 F2. H (055) 57 04 81. Budget Accommodation Associazione Italiana Alberghi per la Gioventu Via Cavour 44 00184 Rome. [ (06)487 11 52. Europa Villa Camerata Viale Augusto Righi 2-4 50137 Florence, g (055) 601451.


Florence Italian Mountain Holiday Rental - Fattoria De' Medici - Villa

Siena and Florence

Holiday Apartment in Florence V in Tuscany, Italy - Lonely Planet

 We had one person who did leave though – Tim – who arrived back at college to say that he had had enough and he wasn’t going to do the whole three-and-a-half years. I only knew Tim in passing on Phase 1, as he had been in the A stream of supposedly brighter Cadets (I had been with the standard block). None of us could quite understand why Tim had bothered to come back to Plymouth at all: he put in minimum effort and was deliberately obtuse to the lecturers. He made out that he was biding his time while waiting for something to turn up, although he was from a seafaring background and I suspected the delay was something to do with family pressure. However, he did leave towards the end of the first term and became a nightclub DJ in Torquay.

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