However, each province sets its own levels for grading; consequently, standards for each category may vary from one area to another. Some hotels may not have a restaurant but those that do will welcome non-residents to stop by and eat. Some of the converted castles and ancient villas are not air-conditioned, but as the stone walls are thick the The marvellous gallery entrance of Hotel Villa Villoresi (see p248) midsummer heat barely penetrates the buildings. Children are welcome but the smaller hotels generally have limited facilities. Often, the more up-market hotels will arrange a baby-sitting service. Sometimes the proprietor of a smaller hotel, or a member of the family, will mind your children, if they are not busy. What to Expect In Florence, street numbers can be confusing (see p274), so refer to the map references in the listings. Hotel proprietors are obliged by law to register you with the police, so they will ask for your passport when you arrive. Make sure you take it back, as you will need some form of identification to change money or traveller’s cheques.


Holiday Inn Florence, Florence - Hotel Reviews, Photos, & Rates

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