Fiji Islands Travel Guide

ACCOMMODATIONS : 1 Tourist life in Suva centers around the Grand Pacific Hotel, a lovely place, surrounded by its own gardens on the harbor. Large and comfortable with verandas running all around, it’s British Colonial in atmosphere. Rates are $8 to $10, American Plan. Other hotels in Suva are the Metropole and Garrick, neither with private baths, about $6 American Plan. Visitors may have to share double rooms during heavy tourist season, May to October, when you should reserve space well in advance. Away from town there are also several delightful hotels at the beach resorts; see WHERE TO GO.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED pOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS j: Valid passport and vaccination certificate are required. Continuation or return ticket also required. 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars or 4 ounces of tobacco and 1 quart bottle of liquor for personal use are allowed, duty free. Passengers from the United States must declare any non-Fijian currency on arrival. Passengers must not leave the Colony with more United States currency than that declared on arrival. No restrictions on cameras, but all unexposed film must be declared. Excess may be left in bond.

WHAT TO WEAR : Summer clothes are worn all the year round in Fiji by both men and women. During the winter a woolen cardigan is suggested. Formal dress is required only at certain functions, such as Masonic meetings for men, and balls and dances for women. Bring sunglasses, too.


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