Fiji Islands Maps

LOCATION: This group of about 322 islands, totaling over 7,000 square miles, lies in the South Pacific east of northern Australia. Suva, however, is nearly 2,000 air miles from Sydney in southern i\ustrdlid

CHARACTERISTICS : All of Fiji is rather like a picture postal card. The colors are brilliant; the flowers vivid and ever present; even the uniforms of the Fijian police are picturesque. There are now more East Indians in Fiji than native Fijians and they add color to the scene. The local European community heartily welcomes visitors, as do the coconut planters on outlying islands. Prices are extremely low. All in all, it’s a delightful dream spot with all the relaxed comforts and charms associated with South Sea islands.

POPULATION: Estimated at 346,000, including nearly 8,000 Europeans.

SIZE: 7,083 square miles. Viti Levu, the largest island, with 4,053 square miles, is smaller than Connecticut.

GOVERNMENT: The islands in the group constitute the British Crown Colony of Fiji.

HOW TO GET THERE: By Pan American Clipper from the United States West Coast about 26lA hours (elapsed time) to Nandi. Actually the time becomes a day later when you cross the International Date Line. Air service between Nandi and Suva by Fiji Airways. By ship, Suva is reached in about 14 days.


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