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Faroe Islands Map on 102 Chapter 5 Trade Setups – Pattern Break Pullback IFig 5.81 www.ProRealTime.com eur/usd 5-minute 01:00 02:00 04:00 05:00 07:00 Figure 5.8 A strong uptrend that manages to keep all bars well above the 25ema is not something to be taken lightly, not even by powerful parties with bearish views on the bigger picture. But even when the overall pressure is unmistakably one-sided and all signs point in favor of continuation, it still takes careful planning to hop along for the ride, especially when working with tight stops. When aiming for continuation, the principle of harmony between trend and pullback is a crucial element to examine and this will be taken up in more detail in the section on our fourth setup, the pullback reversal. Faroe Islands Map 2016.

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