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Farah Travel on From the perspective of border as method, the crucial element in all of these struggles is the production of subjectivity that at once sustains and drives them. Approaching struggles in this way is important at a time when the borders between political experiences and social worlds are at once more evident and more porous. Border struggles in very real ways have expanded and sit no longer at the margins but at the center of our political lives. While they challenge any closed notion of political subjectivity in the struggle for the common, they also confront us with the continued production of other limits that run across societies, labor markets, and jurisdictions. Class division, for instance, continues to traverse these fields, even as the multiplicity that invests class struggle plays an essential role in struggles for the common. This is because such struggles are necessarily against capital and thus require a radical reformatting of social relations, liberating them from exploitation and dispossession and from the sexed and raced logics of domination that are deeply embedded in these modes of capitalist extraction and displacement. The fact that border struggles have come to the political fore does not mean they are about to end. Farah Travel 2016.

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