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Family vacations usa on The pre-nuptial was signed by both parties and Bakley dropped the pending child-stealing charges against her fiance. Bakley obtained permission from her probation officer to marry her movie star boyfriend at his home on November 19, 2000, but immediately after the ceremony had to return to Arkansas to serve out the final three months of her probation. If Bakley felt Blake’s attitude toward her would soften during her absence Blake 34 she was in error. She arrived on her husband’s doorstep a free woman in March 2001, but instead of being warmly greeted by Blake was installed in a guest house behind the main residence where he resided. Bakley demanded to see her daughter Rosie, but was permitted to do so only occa – sionally for 11/2 hours under the strict supervision of a hired supervisor. Bored and blocked by the pre-nup from touching Blake’s money, Bakley began operating her porno business from the guest house. As the relationship between the couple deteriorated Bakley phoned a friend on April 30, 2001, and discussed a plan she was considering to kidnap Rosie and take her back to Memphis. Family vacations usa 2016.

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