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Family destinations in usa on For a brief moment in time, bulls may have felt a sweet tingle of victory when bar 1 1 managed to break the high of the bullish bar before it. But alas, as is often seen in a squeeze, follow-through appeared nonexistent and the break turned out to be a trap. This is a yet another fine example of how a tiny false break on one side of the price action can be a harbinger of a major break on the other. If you were a bull in position and you saw bar 1 1 produce that upside break only to fully turn around and end on its lows (lower region of the bar) , how would you feel? And as the market then proceeded to take out this bar at the bottom, breaking a major pattern line and round number in the process, would you still stick around in hopes of sideline assistance? Or would you rather let go of the rope and sooth your aching hands. Or better still, take position on the short side yourself1 The total progression on top of the pattern line shows the typical features of a market slowly turning around from bullish to bearish. It is interesting to note also that throughout this pattern, plenty of bulls had taken position on bearish corrections to the round number, and they even bought a little below it. But the very moment this support caved in from a buildup situation, the chart dropped 50 pip without a bull in sight. Family destinations in usa 2016.

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