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Extreme Nord Travel on The Amex was originally called the New York Curb Market (or simply, the Curb). The term originated from the fact that the brokers once conducted their auctions in the open air. Yet, in fact, the NYSE (then called the New York Stock and Exchange Board) also originated as an outdoor marketplace. However, the NYSE quickly moved inside in 1792 after formalizing their organization with the Buttonwood Agreement. The Amex traces its roots to the curbstone brokers who did not sign that agreement and who chose to remain outside to trade, among themselves, stocks that were not traded on the formal exchange. The practice of convening outside the New York Stock Exchange to trade securities alongside the curbs of Wall Street remained intact for more than a century. Commenting on this long tradition of a lack of a central marketplace, Wall Street historian Charles Geisst credits the New York Curb Market as being the forerunner of not just the Amex, but also the over-thecounter market. Extreme Nord Travel 2016.

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