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Hey from Milan I got here yesterday I left Paris I was a little sad to leave it even though I was there for a week it seemed like there was so much I still wanted to do. So today I am going to be exploring the city I kind of have this plan to avoid looking in a map, and just kind of wander around, and stumble across things which I guess is what I always do. But actually walking around the city I love it’s very elegant I am headed to the castle now. So I think, I’m close, I’m just trying to find it without a map in the courtyard of castle now I am actually. So excited to be here. Because I have studied this Forsyth family extensively, I’m very interested in Ludovico Sforza it’s just really amazing to be here, and have read about you know these people in history, and now to be standing in their castle it’s enormous building here. So, I’m gonna go, and explore more of it there none of this behind me as labels.

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But it looks like ruins of some sort who knows how old this is here I don’t know if you could tell in the post. But they were, I’m sure that they are very mysterious, and intriguing I’ve left the indoor portion of the castle now, and there is a park behind it. So you know walk around here behind me is kind of a ruin of another castle gate I suppose I don’t really know it’s not labeled. But yeah hoping to find some more things as I wonder through here oh my gosh I have found this magical little Grove trees with white flowers on them the flower petals are actually falling like snow. So pretty I don’t know if you can see on the post. But oh my gosh it’s so pretty there are turtles everywhere here, and it’s so beautiful. But I found now left the partying and, I’m probably gonna walk back to my Airbnb it’s so pretty.

So definitely if you I recommend that you come to the castle, and then be sure to walk through the park behind it all the way to the end. Because there’s that gorgeous archway just finished having lunch, and back out for a little more walking around, and I think I might go shopping, and look for a few things that I need I guess the Cathedral now that it’s night in the leg is better gorgeous you.

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