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Practical information – Doing laundry and day-to-day life.

Many things not covered in this my blog are simply because they don’t matter right now or easy to figure out once you get here; the most important thing is don’t over-analyze, just plan your trip and come! A lot of people, especially those coming to train Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu or MMA ask about laundry – so here it is: For general everyday laundry, it is far easier just to drop it off at the front desk of your hotel or down the street at a laundry shop – sometimes it is cheaper. Most places charge 30-50 baht ($1-$1.57US) a kilo (2.2lbs).

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It’s actually cheaper to have someone wash, dry and fold your laundry than it is to use a coin-operated laundry machine back home. As for your Muay Thai Shorts or Jiu-Jitsu Gi, you may want to hand-wash them yourself, since you’ll be using them every day. I made a habit of washing my workout clothes in a bucket with some detergent while taking a shower – straight after each workout. I kept a bucket in the shower and would fill it up with soapy water, strip off my workout clothes and let them soak while I showered.

When I was done, I would simply rinse everything with clean water until it ran clear. To dry, simply wring it out and hang it up. Since Thailand is so hot, Muay Thai shorts typically dry within a few hours and a Gi will dry in a day if it’s under the sun. If you plan on doing a lot of Jiu-Jitsu while here, I would recommend you bring two Gis with you. The other option is to arrange a deal with the laundry girl at your gym to have her wash your Gi for you after every class. Aside from doing laundry most day-to-day necessities can be bought at 7- Eleven. In the beginning it’s funny going to 711 for everything but they are everywhere in Thailand and it’s common to go there for things like: buying a SIM card for your phone, topping it up, paying bills, buying laundry detergent, toothpaste – you name it. Just remember, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and most of it is small stuff!” You’ll quickly figure it out by asking around once you get to Thailand.

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