AERIUS 300375. Presbyter and ascetic of Pontus. Though a companion of Eustathius, collaborating with him in the organization and spread of monastic life and put in charge of the hospice of Sebaste, Aerius quarreled with him after Eustathius was named bishop of Sebaste ca. 357, perhaps in disappointment over not being chosen himself. Epiphanius reports amply on his preaching Haer. 75: he wanted equality between bishops and priests, since they were called to exercise the same functions and both were ordained with the imposition of hands; he also claimed, based on 1 Cor 5:7, that the celebration of Easter was nonsensical for Christians, and the practice of fasting a return to Judaism: whoever wished to fast could do so, but on days of his own choosing and not according to established days; finally, he did not recognize the value of prayers and offerings for the dead. Augustine Haer. 53 cites the opinion of some that the Aerians should be classed with Encratites and Apostolici, since they admitted to their communion only those who practiced continence and absolute poverty. According to Filaster they abstained from meat Haer. 72. H. Hemmer, Arius, ariens: DTC 1, 515-516; A. Lambert, Apotactites et Apotaxam¨nes: DACL 2604-2626; J. Gribomont, Saint Basile et le monachisme enthousiaste: Irnikon 53 1980 123-144.
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