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Europe places to visit on As the murder suspect fought extradition to Seattle, court papers filed against him in King County linked Mezquia to another crime committed in the city just five weeks after Zapata’s murder, and close to the area where her body was dumped. A young woman walking in the 1300 block of 10th Avenue East noticed a car following her. The driver pulled up alongside of her, but quickly drove away when she saw him masturbating. The woman alertly wrote down the car’s license plate number. The car was registered to Mezquia. This incident, when combined with Zapata’s rapemurder, led one investigator to conclude, He’s a hunter and [Zapata just happened to fall within his field of vision. More than ten years after the fact, Zapata’s accused killer faced a charge of first-degree murder in King County Superior Court in Seattle on March 8, 2004. Europe places to visit 2016.

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