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Esmeraldas Travel on Onomakritos is the most frequently cited, the most undoubtedly historical, and the only known Athenian writer of these books, and according to Herodotus was a great favourite of the tyrant and his sons. This, it is urged, was in accordance with the normal policy of tyrants, who regularly favoured the poorer and less privileged sections of the population. That this was a part of their policy is as true as that Onomakritos enjoyed the favour of the Peisistratid court; but whether there is any causal connexion between the two facts still awaits demonstration. The court of a tyrant was not composed exclusively of down-and-outs, and the onus of proof still lies the other way. We need not be confined to such negative criticism. If we must suggest another reason for the tyrants patronage of Onomakritos, to replace the suggested one of showing favour to the lower classes, the pages of Herodotus surely provide it. Let us look at his story. Esmeraldas Travel 2016.

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