EPIPHANIUS of Constantinople d. 535. In 520, year of his consecration as patriarch of Constantinople Mansi VIII, 490; 491; 492, he ratified the union with Rome; he wrote frequently to Pope Hormisdas and sent him gifts Mansi VIII, 502-503; 505-506; 514-515; 524. He tried to put the region of Thessalonica under his own jurisdiction, supporting the revolt 531 of two bishops who opposed the election of Stephen of Larissa. Stephen appealed to Pope Boniface II, who confirmed III Council of Rome the dependence on Rome of all Illyricum Mansi VIII, 739-784. Died June 535 Theophanes, Chron. A.C. 529. Patrologia V, 44.

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They were always the same: blue self-seal airline letters. These told me the comings and goings at home: who was doing what, who was going where, who was achieving, who was dying; they kept me connected. I always wrote back too, although with a sanitised picture of life on the ocean wave. I wanted to shield and protect my parents from the life I was discovering and the moral corruption I was experiencing. This led me to write and recount tales in hurrah-for-adventure language, terribly over-British, using script that could have been plucked out of a Victorian boys annual.

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