Became bishop of Pavia in 466. He lived in a particularly difficult period for the Western empire, working always for peace; more than once he was asked to mediate disputes between various Germanic kings. He contributed to the rebuilding of Pavia, destroyed by Odoacer in 476, and obtained its exemption from tribute. He also earned the respect of Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths, who sent him to Gundobald, king of the Burgundians, to obtain the liberation of 6000 prisoners. These facts come from his biography written by Ennodius, in his turn bishop of Pavia. AASS Venice 1734 Ian. II, 364-380; Ennodius, Vita Epiphani, CSEL 6, 331-383; PCBE 2, 637-641; DBI 43, 22-24; L. Cracco Ruggini, Ticinum: dal 476 d.C. alla fine del regno gotico, in Storia di Pavia, I, Milan 1984, 272ff.; V. Lanzani, Ticinum: Le origini della citt  cristiana, ibid., I, Milan 1984, 350ff.; Id., La Chiesa pavese nell’alto Medio Evo: da Ennodio alla caduta del Regno longobardo, ibid., II, Milan 1987, 408ff.

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