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Ennedi Travel on dog’s calorie and protein requirements for proper nutrition, feed from one-third ounce (large dogs) to one-half ounce (small dogs) of dry dog food for each pound the dog weighs. A common measuring cup holds approximately three ounces of dry dog food. Never feed more than your dog eats readily. Note: Hard-working dogs and pregnant or nursing females require considerably larger quantities in proportion to size and activity. Feed larger dogs in proportion. Supply the following amounts daily in one or two feedings as you prefer (amounts listed are dry measure): riding in on horseback in the final seconds of the reel to rescue the unfortunate heroine from her fate. It was uncanny how well Don knew her, Jess thought, burrowing in closer against his chest, how he always knew when she needed him, whatever her protestations to the contrary. Ennedi Travel 2016.

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