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Elazig Travel on To take one example, Thomas Oberlechner (2004, 23) conducts an analysis of ratings given by professional traders at leading European banks to identify eight characteristics that are perceived to be important for a successful trader: disciplined cooperation, tackling decisions, market meaning making, emotional stability, information processing, interested integrity, autonomous organization, and handling information. Such research, which almost always focuses on individual personality factors that are considered to be fully formed before the trader comes to market, is often conducted with the pretense of improving hiring decisions. It is tempting to observe that such behavioral studies of work and personality did little to bias hiring decisions in ways that might have prevented the global economic crisis of 2007-8. Perhaps, however, it was precisely the efficient wealth-generating behavior of traders that triggered the economic meltdown, with disastrous results for working people around the world. T o repeat ourselves, traders are an extremely privileged category of workers. They are the masters of the global capitalist system, whose seemingly immaterial manipulation of esoteric instruments and devices has undeni- ably material consequences. Because the financial world is constantly and unpredictably shifting, it is difficult for the contracts under which traders are hired to specify how their terms of employment (wages, conditions for breaking the contract, etc. Elazig Travel 2016.

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